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Volume 7 | 2023

Issue I

Ramifications of Rwandan Identity

Adam Berg

The Malleable Myth of Romulus

Vaishnavi Sankar

Issue II

The Checkered Impact of US Compensatory Education Policies on Educational Inequality

Aparna Viswanathan

The Cold War and Civil Rights: How International Pressure Affected the Pre-Brown Civil Rights Movement

David Phillip Gibson

Lethal Injections Gone Awry: Unmasking America’s Capital Punishment System

Alan Cai

Jewish Centrality in Ben Shahn’s Murals: An American Leftist Artist in the New Deal Era

Hongying Wu

Issue III

Magical Spirituality: A Source of Self-empowerment for African-American Women

Ava Driggers

Revisiting the Crown Heights Riot: Multiethnic Hostility at the Neighborhood and City Levels

Isaiah Glick

Motherhood at the Crossroads: A Deconstruction of Gender, Class and Race in Leïla Slimani’s Chanson Douce

Defne Koyluoglu

The Battle for Dominance in the Skies: How Sci-Fi Films Reflected Societal and Political Concerns during the Space Race

Luke Collins

Politics of Mithras: The Mystery Cult and Matters of State

Connor Huard

The Failure of the Schlieffen Plan and Its Impact on the German WWI Strategy

Alexander Knight

Global Public Policy Reactions to an Increasingly Political Young Generation

Luke Netto

The Influence of Civil Rights and Unionization on the Women’s Rights Movement and Attainment of Suffrage

Katherine Buckman

Reasons and Causality: Critiquing the Principle of Alternate Possibilities

Patrick Van Hoven

Issue IV

The Global Environmental Impacts of World War I

Kevin Guo

The Mind-Body Problem: A Critique of Type Identity Theory

Clarence Chen

FDR vs. the Supreme Court: The Battle for the Meaning of the American Constitution

Athena Kuhelj Bugaric

Conceptual Metaphor and Eco-temporality in Bảo-Ninh’s The Sorrow of War

Bui Gia Khanh Pham

Trousers to Tunics: Examining Cultural Interchange and Conflicts between Celtic and Classical Forces in Ancient Britain

Nolan Wallace

Unmasking Heteronormativity: Laura Mulvey’s Impact on Spectator Identity in Cinema

Linh (Harley) Tran

When Policy Prevails: The Rhodesian Defense Forces and the Intricacies of Political Warfare

Sean Burns

T.S. Eliot and Political Non-conformism: A Contextual Analysis of Eliot’s Poetry and His Characterisation as a Conservative

Katherine van Wyk

Transnational Solidarity: The Dalit Panthers and the Black Panther Party

Tanya Syed

Volume 8 | 2024

Issue I

Mortality Moves Masses: Social Movements as Evolved Responses to Pandemics

Gabriel Wolf Evers

Universal Equality vs. Neo-Confucian Class Structure in the Late Period of Joseon

Stephanie Se-Aun Park

Dreams vs. Reality: A Psychoanalysis of the American Dream in The Great Gatsby and Death of a Salesman

Colette Simon

Unmasking Misogyny: Clytemnestra’s Demise in Aeschylus’ Oresteia

Arailym Kairolda

Rise of the US Dollar: Where the Greenback Meets the Black Gold

Jialai She

Reclaiming Sociocultural Agency: The Resurrection of India and Africa in Postcolonial Cinema

Shiven Jain

Healthcare in the United States: Why Socialized Medicine Could Cure Nation

Morgan Lopiano

Identity Politics and Campaign Strategy Re-Formation

Asher Cohen

Issue II

Sense and Essence: The Ambiguities of Aristotle’s Reception in Modern Science

Saiya Sahai Mittal

Maxine Hong Kingston’s Disruption of Category in The Woman Warrior

Cheryl Chen

The New Rhetoric and the Fall of the Roman Republic

Michael Lu

Elites, Privilege and Capital: Social Marginalisation in Hong Kong International Schools

Meagan Hsu

Racial Segregation in the Korean War: The 24th Infantry Regiment in the Battle of Sangju and Masan

Stephanie Se-Aun Park

Mendez v. Westminster: Making Mexicans White

Shelley Tang

Between Two Worlds: IMF and Public Pressure in Economic Policy Making in Pakistan (2018-2023)

Mohammed Zohayr Samie

The Formation of Charismatic Authority: An Analysis of Julius Caesar and George Washington

Persephone Reeves

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