Ava Rahman

Understanding the Myth and Reality of the Lost Generation
Interdisciplinary: Literature, History
Volume 6 | Issue III | September 2022
Commonwealth School ’23
Massachusetts, USA
Williams College ’27
Though I enjoy all my humanities subjects in school, including history, French, and art, I above all love literature. This probably explains why my research paper, “Understanding the Myth and Reality of the Lost Generation,” ended up being published in The Schola as an English paper, though it was written as a finale to my US history class in junior year. I am fascinated by the way modernist intellectuals grappled with the debilitating catastrophes of their time, and so in my paper, I chose to explore how the idea of the “Lost Generation,” a group of seemingly disillusioned writers during the 20th century, began and evolved. Writing for The Schola taught me the importance of the revision process as I transformed an essay intended as a school assignment into something that could be read with clarity by a varied readership. In fall, I will attend Williams College, where I plan to continue studying English, French, and history. I also hope to explore my newfound curiosity for translation. Additionally, beyond academics, I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, and playing the piano.
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