Founder’s message

Welcome to The Schola.

This quarterly publication fills a longstanding gap in education at a time when the forces of media manipulation and social media seem to overpower the importance of rational reflection. One of the best things a student can take from a rigorous academic undertaking is the ability to think, analyze, and present a robust argument. Critical thinking and analytical skills are essential to success not only in advanced academic work but also in careers in law, government, journalism, business, and even medicine. The Schola aims to help students develop clarity, concision, coherence, rigor, and originality – skills that will take them far in life.

The fact that many educators claim that students should, above all else, be taught to think critically makes the future of The Schola promising. Through the rigorous process of rational evaluation, with which they engage while writing the essays, students learn to appeal to reason in examining beliefs and arguments, both their own and others’. These goals of critical thinking are best achieved when ideas are publicly presented to a community of inquirers. We are proud to offer students an avenue for communicating original and rigorous scholarship to a broad readership.

For every issue, we receive many submissions from around the world. Regretfully, a handful of the submitted manuscripts are ultimately published. Each published essay does not merely review or summarize the existing literature but asks new questions and attempts to answer them. Having an essay published with us is the result of a strategic and proactive strategy coupled with a willingness to undergo a rigorous revision process. Writing an essay for The Schola is taking the first step toward contributing to existing knowledge you might one day make.

We welcome submissions in any discipline of humanities and social sciences. Submitted manuscripts need not follow the guidelines rigorously, but those accepted for publication will need to be brought into conformity with them. Check out our website to learn more about how we partner with young scholars around the world to bring out this unique publication. We invite you to take this opportunity to celebrate your knowledge and author a distinguished academic essay.

Eva M Shin
The Schola