Meagan Hsu

Elites, Privilege and Capital: Social Marginalisation in Hong Kong International Schools
Volume 8 | Issue II | June 2024
Chinese International School ’26
Hong Kong SAR, China
My main interests revolve around reading, art, computer science, and listening to music. However, reading Wikipedia is one of my favourite pastimes. Some nights, when I have free time, I could spend hours scrolling and clicking, immersed in a never-ending spiral of history, mythology, geography, and other topics. When I clicked on an article about the sociology of deviance, I quickly found myself absorbed in the realm of sociology – ideas around societal intricacies, dynamics, and inequalities. The idea behind my paper stems from my desire to gain a deeper understanding of the educational disparities among different student groups. Drawing from my experience as a volunteer for two NGOs focused on providing education to underprivileged students, equal access to education is a subject that I am deeply passionate about. As a result, my research delves into the inequalities present in various types of schools in Hong Kong and examines the resulting impacts of social marginalisation. Writing and having my paper published in The Schola proved to be an enlightening experience, as it honed my skills in rigorous research, such as synthesising existing knowledge, extrapolating data, and effectively communicating findings in a scholarly manner. This research paper serves as a reflection of my commitment to education and sociology. I am sincerely grateful to Vishal Vasanthakumar, my research mentor, for nurturing my interest in sociology and guiding me throughout the research and writing process.
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