Fiona Reenan

Painting the Counter-Reformation: Revisiting the Sistine Chapel as a Theological Document
Art History
Volume 5 | Issue II | June 2021
Groton School ’23
Massachusetts, USA
Harvard University ’27
History, particularly European history, art, religion, and literature are areas of my academic interest. History has always been a passion of mine, but writing and publishing my essay on Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel fresco as a theological document was my first significant attempt at exploring art history, more specifically. I had originally written a version of this essay as a final project for my class in school. Although the initial version of the essay was well-researched and thoughtfully written, when I went back to revise and extend the piece to submit it for The Schola, I felt as though I was exploring the topic in a whole new light. Not only did I almost double the length of my essay, but I also considered new sources and drew more nuanced connections between my primary themes of Counter-Reformation Catholicism and Michelangelo’s artistic style. In fall, as a freshman at Harvard University, I look forward to continuing my study of politics, economics, religion, and art in European history.
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