About us

The Journal 

The Schola is a quarterly journal of humanities and social sciences essays written by high school students worldwide. As the only publication of academic work in the comprehensive international high school curriculum, we offer high school students everywhere a singular forum to empower and demonstrate their intellectual prowess. The premium content in our archives combines the publication of original, high-quality scholastic work with a systematic program of academic resources for students and teachers in secondary education.

A learning experience with The Schola goes far beyond manuscript submission. By submitting an essay to the journal, a student gains an experience in academic publishing – presenting interesting ideas and research findings to a publisher, receiving editorial feedback, and editing the manuscript. Each student gains a rigorous, personalized academic experience through the editorial process. Students who have published with us already established publication records while improving their understanding of the publication process.

The Schola sets a global standard for academic excellence. Writing an essay for the journal demands considerable commitment and hard work. Most of the former authors have gone to top universities around the world. Though college admission is not our ultimate goal, we believe it demonstrates an aspect of the rich educational experience we offer. While primarily an academic journal, we promote learning for life and encourage young students to think critically about important issues in the social, political, and moral spheres of life.

Founder & Chief Editor

Eva M Shin is the founder and chief editor of The Schola. Her career spans over 20 years in education, journalism, management consulting, and investment banking. She has extensive experience in teaching academic writing to high school students and undergraduates. She holds a BS from Cornell University in Business Administration and an MPhil from the University of Oxford in Comparative Social Policy. She is also the director of Veritaum, a publishing house she founded while pursuing her PhD. Veritaum is the publisher of The Schola.