James Prince

Residential Segregation: A Tale of Two Houses
US History
Volume 6 | Issue IV | December 2022
The Blake School ’23
Minnesota, USA
University of Notre Dame ’27
My enthusiasm for local history sparked at age nine when I was captivated by the historical society’s model of the Trapper’s Cabin at our town’s street fair. It was that moment that compelled me to volunteer in their archives every Saturday morning over the next decade. There, I repeatedly witnessed the impact history has on our communities. One morning, after reading one of the archive’s historical documents, I was propelled along a journey to explore the history of Racially Restrictive Covenants in Minneapolis. Through extensive research, I gathered information about the covenants’ origins and lasting impacts and used the findings to independently write “A Tale of Two Houses.” When others read this paper in The Schola, I hope to spark their passion to find the less well-known stories of their community so that it may build our shared history. l currently attend the University of Notre Dame. Majoring in political science and history, my studies will be focused on the intersection between history and politics. Looking ahead, it is my goal to continue to use the findings from history to positively influence our communities and public policy.
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