Linh (Harley) Tran

Unmasking Heteronormativity: Laura Mulvey’s Impact on Spectator Identity in Cinema
Interdisciplinary: Film Studies, Psychology, Gender Studies
Volume 7 | Issue IV | December 2023
Mahindra United World of College India ’25
Maharashtra, India
I was introduced to the term “male gaze,” coined by Laura Mulvey in 1975, through social media discourse. Intrigued by the interesting terminology for gendered visual and aesthetic presentations, I delved into the remarkable body of work that Mulvey had pioneered. I have always been interested in gender identity and gendered representation but the topic of gender in film was completely new to me. Captivated by the world of gender studies in film, I found myself eager to explore this uncharted territory. This curiosity led me to undertake the task of crafting my very first paper on the subject. Although the journey was not without its challenges, as the depth and breadth of the topic proved to be quite expansive, I approached it with determination and a keen desire to learn. As I progressed, the satisfaction that accompanied the completion of my paper for The Schola was profound, and the reflective process allowed me to appreciate the arduous yet rewarding nature of the journey. This transformative experience not only deepened my appreciation for the nuanced intersection of gender and film but also fostered a newfound passion to continue exploring and contributing to the ever-evolving discourse on this captivating subject. Now, armed with a broader perspective and a wealth of insights, I am eager to further engage in the exciting realm of gender studies in film.
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