Mohammed Zohayr Samie

Between Two Worlds: IMF and Public Pressure in Economic Policy Making in Pakistan (2018-2023)
Public Policy
Volume 8 | Issue II | June 2024
Aitchison College ’25
Lahore, Pakistan
My understanding of economics substantially had to do with the economics of my country - Pakistan. A simple question that harmonized the disharmony between the two disciplines in light of my country’s economic status was: How do nations balance their obligations to international creditors, like the IMF, with their duties to their own citizens? My curiosity was ignited in discussions within my debating society and economics classes, prompting me to delve into research on IMF initiatives and their effects on national economies, with a particular focus on the dynamics of inflation. Economics and politics are often studied as two separate fields with distinct modes of analysis. However, in the real world, political choices are constrained by economic realities while economic programs are regularly interrupted by political decisions. This research culminated in a paper published in The Schola, marking a significant milestone in my academic journey. The process of researching and writing the paper was both challenging and enlightening. I learned to navigate vast amounts of information, engage critically with sources, and refine my arguments to produce a coherent and insightful article. The feedback from the editors was instrumental in this process, pushing me to clarify my thoughts and strengthen my writing. The journal is not only a platform to disseminate research but also one where aspiring academics and researchers – like me – can learn, grow, and reflect. I look forward to exploring further the fascinating interplay between economic policies and social outcomes.
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