Saiya Sahai Mittal

Sense and Essence: The Ambiguities of Aristotle’s Reception in Modern Science
Volume 8 | Issue II | June 2024
Pine Crest School ’25
Florida, USA
I have always been fascinated by the millennia-old building blocks of knowledge. Ideas and developments from the past are essential to future advancements in any field. I find it fascinating to think about how seemingly simple ideas were once regarded as complex and innovative. These same ideas are constantly used, modified, and reused in the present day to reach new heights or make new discoveries. My interest in the ancient world was primarily sparked by taking Latin during my freshman year of high school. I quickly began to see the importance of this language in my other academic subjects. Whether it was reading texts with unfamiliar vocabulary in English class or learning scientific terms in biology, I found myself using Latin to understand these subjects. After seeing the influence of Latin, I discovered a greater passion for the field of classics. In seeking out further opportunities to explore this passion, I decided to write my research paper, “Sense and Essence: The Ambiguities of Aristotle’s Reception in Modern Science.” Having participated in scientific research in the past, I was curious to explore how the ancient classical world influenced the development of modern science. In college, I hope to further expand my knowledge and passion for the fields of classics and history of science, and continue drawing connections between the ancient and modern worlds. Outside of academics, I have been a classical violin player for the last 10 years, and I enjoy going to the beach, baking, and photography.
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