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Volume 1 | 2017


Denmark’s Distemperment: The Medical and Physical Representations of Political Strife in Hamlet

Sam Karp

Journey Home: From Hindustan to Israel, The Return of the Bene Israel

Jahnavi Bhavsar

Re-placing the Semiotic Bar

Brian Glucksman

Savage Natives and Heathen Chinese: Education as a Weapon against Culture

Jonathan WuWong

The Cycle of Violence in Native Son

Kyle Yuan

The Gravity of the Narrative: A Pull in the Orbitals of Fate and Free Will

Shreya Venkatesh

Volume 2 | 2018


Drawn to a Repellent Culture: A Psychological Analysis of Nazi Propaganda and Its Audience

Bailey Mirmelli

The Tigress: Margaret of Anjou and the Struggle Between Merit and Gender

Maia Driggers

Artemisia Gentileschi: Baroque Master and the Preeminent Caravaggisti

Elisabeth G Schlossel

Royal Women

Neil Badlani

Volume 3 | 2019


The Portrayals and Perceptions of Greek Beauty

John Aste

How Coal and Coal Technology Made Britain the World’s First Global Superpower

Caroline Schlossel

The Public Perception of Unauthorized Immigration in Local American Communities

Jonathan Yong-Jie Cheng

Volume 4 | 2020


Fascist Fashion: Women’s Style under the Third Reich

Tara Shayegan

The Edelweiss Pirates

Esther Li-Chen

Treblinka: A Symbol of Efficiency during the Holocaust

Julia Lace

Challenging Racism Abroad: Youth Activism in the American Anti-Apartheid Movement (1970s-1980s)

Ishikaa Kothari

Vox Populi-Vox Diaboli: The Inception of the Movement for Chinese Exclusion

Jason Zhao

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