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Volume 5 | 2021


The Remnants of Maoism in China’s Current Government and Economic Tactics

Hudson Friedman

Ideals of Gender and Romance Portrayed in the Literature of Courtly Love

Alex Li

Painting the Counter-Reformation: Revisiting the Sistine Chapel as a Theological Document

Fiona Reenan

The White Paper of 1969: A Failed Attempt at Equity

Ashley Liu

The Nazi Book Burnings: Implications and Reflection on German Literature

Vishaya Shah

Tinseltown in the Third Reich: The Big Screen amid War and Genocide

Sophia DeSouza

Land Restitution: A Catalyst for Economic Development on Indigenous Reservations in the US

Vinayak Menon

Volume 6 | 2022


Understanding Racial Violence in the US through Hannah Arendt’s Banality of Evil

Carrie Luo

The Legend of Eureka: Riot or Revolution?

Amy Ma

Her Part in the Honors: The Hidden History of Feminism in Ancient Rome

Kerem Koyluoglu

Controversy over Citizens, Aliens and Race in the Roman Empire

Jordan Liu

The American Handling of Puerto Rico and the Insular Cases: Irony and Cyclical Behavior

Dante Tabossi Zugman

The ROLI Seaboard: Toward A New Understanding of Musical Interfaces

Shu Xu

The Grant Administration’s Decisive Role in the Collapse of Reconstruction

Rithik Mathew

Understanding the Myth and Reality of the Lost Generation

Ava Rahman

The Quest to Innovate: President Clinton’s Nuanced Approach to Tech Industry Regulation

Aaron Joy

Shooting the Messenger: Examining Whistleblowing as Civil Disobedience through the Works of John Rawls

James Horowitz

Residential Segregation: A Tale of Two Houses

James Prince

Kissing the Revolution: The Riot Grrrl Movement under Third-wave Feminism and Its Failure

Yiwen (Polly) Wang

The Iwakura Mission of 1871: A Diplomatic Odyssey How the United States Influenced Japan’s Modernization

August Neumann

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